In the UK alone, there are currently 3.5 million people with diabetes and a further 7 million of us either at high risk of developing it or even walking around unaware we already have it.

The second problem is the majority of people don’t understand the link between Diabetes and Podiatry and even those with diabetes often don’t really recognise the devastating long term effects of the disease pertaining to their lower limbs.

One truly gruesome thought is the fact that every 20 seconds, someone somewhere in the world will be having a Diabetes related lower limb amputation and it is estimated that 75% of diabetic lower limb amputations are avoidable.

With years of experience practicing podiatry, we have a specific understanding of the specialist requirements of diabetics. Our diabetes podiatry treatments are designed to help prevent and treat your individual needs. We offer flexible appointments to ensure that you can attend regular sessions and catch any potential problems early. To speak to one of our podiatrists about diabetes foot care, please get in touch today.

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