Poor circulation in the lower extremities can have dire consequences on your general health and neurological and vascular testing will go a long way to ascertain any issues that may be present. We offer these tests which aim to identify the health status of the nerves and blood vessels in your feet.

By using the latest diagnostic tools, we are able to gain useful insight into the health of your feet and legs, and diagnose potentially serious issues early on.

What does the appointment entail? Neurological testing – a series of detecting instruments are used on your toes and the balls of your feet to check for levels of sensitivity. We will also test your reflexes and check whether you feel the difference between hot and cold.

Circulation testing – monitoring the pulses in your feet and legs to listen to the sound of the blood moving in the arteries of your legs and feet. You may also have the blood pressure of your legs taken.

The results will be fully explained to you, and are an excellent insight into the health of your feet and overall well-being.

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